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Eco-efficiency, eco-technology innovation and eco-well-being performance to improve global sustainable development and Mental Health through environmental behavior.

inclusive, innovative and well-being projects.

We are engaged to current social challenges facing Europe. Our proposals and those for third parties or companies, are aligned with several programs established by the European Commission within the HORIZON EUROPE work programme. Whose core are always projects with a strong social and community character and focused on SDGs.

We focus our projects and partnerships on the following topics:

  • Culture, creativity and inclusive society
  • Health
  • Climate, Energy and Mobility
  • Civil Security for Society
  • Digital, Industry and Space
  • AMIF

Sustainable Development Goals

Ibonis European Research Projects is completly aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their 169 related targets, which are at the center of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which provide a new policy framework in around the world to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind. Our area of expertise will help European projects suit these SDGs.

SENSin is an innovation lab that will target transnational symbiotic collaborations and audience engagement through exploring holistically the senses. The project will involve conceptual investigation into enhancing audience experiences along with developing specific methodologies on creative collaborations and communication of artistic purpose.
TOURISTABLE To create an innovative training model that allows the VET sector to get closer to the needs of the labor market and, at the same time, is related to the themes of inclusion and innovation in the tourism sector.
Aims at improving healthcare accessibility to migrants, while identifying innovative ways for reducing inequalities and redirecting local healthcare systems towards greater consideration of migrants’ health and psycho-social wellbeing.
We are developing learning & literacy platform for the dissemination and promotion of mental health through models and methods specially designed for learning about mental health.
Led by MasterandSkills S.R.L and co-funded by European Comission, we are members of the consortium that will develop an interesting project aimed at the integration of good practices and management of health in the workplace. View portfolio section for more information.

iBonis Services

European Project Management

We have got a team specialized identifying topics within the framework of the European Commission on its areas programme social, health, migration, research and innovation action, Green Deal and safety scope within HORIZON EUROPE programme. Tell us your project without commitment we will answer how our expert area could fit into it to achieve a successful project.

Social Network Analisys

We have designed some algorithms based on SNA models to analyze the circle of relationships of people. Its initial focus is the analysis of their behavior and analysis is applicable to any person with conduct disorder, mental health, radicalism behavior, so forth... and how it affects their relations environment. See our portfolio for more information.

Research & Development

Our efforts are focused on research and development of new technological solutions and models in the field of sociology, research and innovation, health and mental health. We offer our partners in European projects a broad base of knowledge and experience acquired over more than fifteen years in fields such as IT, physics, data analysis, behavioral psychology and neuropsychology. Being able to adpat quickly to research methodologies and models as well as the exploitation of results is a features of our research team.

Software Engineering & Data Analisys

Our multidisciplinary teams will allow help you find the best solution software for social or health management. Data mining is a process of extracting and discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems and is very important mainly for the exploitation, analysis and impact of results in European projects. Our experience in this area will provide a clear perspective on how to implement these techniques and tools in projects.

WELL™ Accredited Professional

The WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) credential denotes expertise in the WELL Building Standard (WELL) and a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in buildings and communities around the world. Now more than ever, the WELL™ AP community is uniquely positioned to lead a global effort to support the health and well-being of people everywhere. Whether you're looking to differentiate yourself in the job market, prepare for the return to the office or prioritize health across your organization, the WELL AP can help get you where you need to go. Our WELL AP service join with our expert area with sustainability goals will help your projects achievements with all the standards set on sustainability, well-being and healthy environments.

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