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inclusive, innovative and well-being projects.

We are engaged to current social challenges facing Europe. Our proposals and those for third parties or companies, are aligned with several programs established by the European Commission. Whose core are always projects with a strong social and community character.

We focus our projects on the following program areas:

  • Changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies
  • Health, demographic change and well-being
  • Science with and for Society
  • Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens
  • AMIF
  • SME's Instrument
  • RENewAL project as a partner

Social Project Support & Management

Aligned with the objectives of the European Commission in the field of health, well-being, safe societies and social challenges, our team of business projects, projects manager, coach, so forth and so on. We are working on several projects and proposals within the European framework. One of our services is mainly focused on the pre-project for the identification of topics and analysis of proposals to determine the feasibility or otherwise of the same and present with guarantees of success, saving time and money companies always social projects. We might help you work on projects of social scope.

Team & Partners

We are a multidisciplinary team made of project managers, software enginiers, physicists and Mental Health experts. In addition to experts we have gotten partners as research centers that provide infraestructure for our research and testing.

Development of an information system on-line literacy and outreach. It is planned to create a technological system integrating the specificities of PSPP. View portfolio section for more information. Technology readiness levels - 2.
Preventive Prospector (Social Observatory Against Radical Behavior) comes running on a CORBA architecture through which, in addition to the advantages of this architecture, offers the possibility of integrating two models behavior monitoring. PoP and ASN. View portfolio section for more information. Technology readiness level - 7.
We are developing an information system divulgation and promotion of mental health . It is planned to create a technological system integrating the specificities tools for promotion of Mental Health. View portfolio section for more information. Technology readiness levels - 2.
Led by MasterandSkills S.R.L and co-funded by European Comission, we are members of the consortium that will develop an interesting project aimed at the integration of good practices and management of health in the workplace. View portfolio section for more information.

iBonis Services

European Project Management

We have got a team specialized in identifying topics within the framework of the European Commission in its areas programme social, health and safety scope within H2020 programme. Tell us your project without commitment will answer about feasibility.

Social Network Analisys

We have designed some algorithms based on SNA models to analyze the circle of relationships of people. Its initial focus is the analysis of their behavior and analysis is applicable to any person with conduct disorder, mental health, radicalism behavior, so forth... and how it affects their relations environment. See our portfolio for more information.

Research & Development

Our efforts are focused on research and development of new technological solutions in the field of social and health. We offer our training and technology partners who are in social challenges.

Software Engineering

Our multidisciplinary teams will allow help you find the best solution software for social or health management.

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